Natural Rock Looking Bench
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Concrete Bench, Lobed
Roman Bench, Concrete
Garden Benches
Northwest's Largest Selection of Terra Cotta and Concrete Statuary
Concrete Tables & Benches
Placing a bench in your yard or garden will encourage
visitors to see things from a perspective that might of
otherwise have been missed. Maybe it will remind you to
relax and take it all in for a minute
This is yard furniture that will last!
42" Round Lobe Table
53" Long Curved Lobe Bench
40" Long Short Lobe Bench
40" Long Straight  Garden Bench
Masonry Sealer
"WOW... Where did you get that?"
Tell them...
Little Baja!
Alpine Bench *Also available in Green stain
89-111-81 $139.00
We have Gift Certificates available for any amount.
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"Gotta Lotta Terra Cotta and Concrete too!"
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At Little Baja, we carry
Timber Pro Masonry Top
This is the best sealer for the money!  
Simply brush on one coat and let dry;
no need to re-apply for a few years!
By using this water sealer, you have
added many years to the life of your
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