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Confucius Statue
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Buddha Head Statue
Ganesha Statue
Three Tiered Pagoda
Two Tier Ayutthaya Pagoda
Single Tier Ayutthaya Pagoda
Foo Dog Statue
Chinese Statuary
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Tall Concrete Pagoda
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Foo Dog Statue
Xlg Sitting Buddha
Giant Sitting Buddha
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Sitting Buddha
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Foo Dogs -  
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Northwest's Largest Selection of Terra Cotta and Concrete
Asian Statuary
We have a better selection of Asian Statuary than anywhere else!
Pagodas - Lanterns - Buddhas - and much more.
Xlg Buddha Head Bust
Small Buddha Head
Hoti with Dragon
Ancient Style Buddha
Confucius Statue
Coiled Dragon
Thai Woman Bust
Give your lantern an "ancient" look by
applying a buttermilk and moss "milkshake" mixture,
keep moist and let it grow...
Works best in places where moss naturally grows, partly shady areas, under
trees, etc...
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Concrete Statuary
Asian Statuary
The Best Asian Statuary in Town!
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Statue Sealer

At Little Baja we carry
Timber Pro Masonry
Top Sealer.
This is the best sealer for the
money!  Simply brush on one coat
and let dry, no need to
re-apply for a few years!
By using this water sealer you have
added many years to the life of
your concrete!
"Kwan Yin" is a derivation of a
Chinese name for the
Goddess of Motherly
This is really a description of
her energy,
("she who hears the cries of the

She responds to the heartfelt
needs and anguish of the
people of earth
regardless of background or
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Quan Yin Statue
Meditating Buddha
Buddha w Lotus Flower
Ganesh Statue, Concrete
Large Concrete Pagoda
Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil Mini Buddha Set
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Curved Lantern and Rock Pagoda, Concrete Statuary
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Mini Vagabond Buddha Statue, Concrete