How to have a tear-free Piñata Party

Piñata Party Instructions

Elect or Nominate a "Person-in-Charge" of this Piñata smashing spectacle.

(Preferably someone who isn't shy, with a loud voice, willing and ready to take charge)

This person will gather all the participants and explain the rules.

The rules are simple:

Participants line up from youngest to oldest in age. Youngest always goes first!

Each person gets three swings and then returns to the end of the line.

No one can go for the goodies until the bat has been is given to the person in charge.

Tip: Use a plastic bat to break the piñata open instead of a wooden bat or stick.

Supplies you'll need:


Candy or Goodies (3 LBS)

Goodie Bags

Plastic Bat


Blindfold *optional

Have participants line up in order from youngest to oldest. (Youngest go first!) Tip> It’s nice to have a big kid in line just if the little kids have trouble busting the piñata open.
One at a time, each person gets three swings. Yell out the swings as loud as you can, “One!... Two!... Three! Next!” Get all of the spectators to count each swing w/ excitement this will keep a good rhythm and reduce the chance of one last unexpected swing.

As the Piñata begins to release candy, remind participants: Do not rush in until the bat has been given back to the person in charge. After receiving the bat, the person in charge will give the okay to go for the goodies.

Most importantly, Have Fun! The idea here is to be excited and have a great time however, “sometimes a little order may save you a whack to the head.”


As you become more experienced with hosting Parties like this, your friends and family will begin to see you as the coolest host ever and will most likely be expecting the same excitement at your next gathering. That’s okay because piñatas are great for all occasions at any age, and we have plenty to choose from.

Please use caution Piñatas may contain staples and a metal wire. Fill w/ no more than 3 LBS of Goodies to ensure the wire can support the weight of the filled piñata. Use with an adult's supervision.