Cowboy Boot Planters, Concrete
Garland Planter, Concrete
Tall Concrete urn
Vineyard Planters, Concrete
Large Square Planters, Roll Rim
Concrete Urn Planters
Northwest's Largest Selection of Terra Cotta and Concrete
Concrete Planters
We offer a great selection of containers for
every taste and budget.
There are so many styles to choose from!
Come in - walk around, let your ideas take form -
Container gardens make vibrant displays on a patio corner,
against a bare wall or anywhere you get sunlight.

Planting a variety of your favorite flowers in containers of
mixed styles, shapes, and heights, represents a great opportunity
to express your creativity.
Garland Pots
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Square Rolled Rim
36" W
Container Gardening
Define your landscape! Consider these heavy containers in place of
barriers to create boundaries through-out your landscape. These also
work as a focal point in your yard. It can be just as rewarding as having
a full size garden!
Medium Fluted Urns
17" W
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Cowboy Boots
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"Gotta Lotta Terra Cotta and Concrete Planters too!"
At Little Baja we carry
Timber Pro Masonry Top Sealer.
This is the best sealer for the money!  
Simply brush on one coat and let dry,
no need to re-apply for up to 5 years!
By using this water sealer you are adding
many years to the life of your statuary!
Most of our concrete statuary is all made locally in Oregon or Washington
Greenman Wall Plaque
Cowgirl Boot, Concrete
Rectangle Concrete Planters
Rectangle, Plain
Available in 21" 24" & 30"
Inventory # 960-176
Plain Concrete Planters, Cube
Cube Planters
Available in 10", 14", 18", 20" and 24"
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Mini Cube Concrete Planters
Mini Concrete Pots
Mini Concrete Cubes In
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Truck Planters, Painted
Modern Concrete Planters
Lemon Pot, Concrete
Tall Concrete Rectangle Planters, Modern
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Classic English Ivy Rectangle Planter, Concrete
Concrete Tree Planter, Concrete
Square Concrete Urns, Floral
Roman Urn, Lg, Short, Concrete
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Concrete Bowl, Short / Low
Low Bowl, Concrete
38" x 11"
Inv# 960-97-1