All Fountain Prices Include Pumps
All Larger Fountains are by order only.
Little Baja has many fountains available to order.
At this time we may only have a few fountains on site.
We invite you to come by one of our stores - ask to see our catalogs.
Our staff is available to answer any questions.
45"H x 36"W
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All fountains include pumps
We are happy to order one for you!
(a deposit of half down is required - ask about details )
Northwest's Largest Selection of Terra Cotta and Concrete
Home is your own special place to relax and get away from
the stresses of the outside world.
Naturally, you want your home to be as peaceful and
enjoyable as possible, a water feature can help with that...
2 Tier Grandiosa Fountain
# 79-610-2
St. Petersburg Fountain
# 79-671-2
3 Tier Grandiosa Fountain
# 79-606-2
3 Tier Vera Cruz Fountain
# 79-652-2
2 Tier Vera Cruz Fountain
# 79-653-2
3 Graces Grandiosa Fountain
# 79-614-2
New Orleans Fountain
Quadri Lion Fountain
Trieste Fountain
# 74-169-2
3 Tier Dusseldorf Fountain
# 79-617-2
2 Tier Lady at Well Fountain
# 79-605-2
Adrienne Fountain
# 79-668-2
3 Tier Lady at Well Fountain
# 79-604-2
Springtime Fountain
# 111-320-2
Ball Fountain
Tina in Plain Bowl Fountain
# 79-667-2
Bamboo Fountain
# 89-577-2
Salmon Fountain
# 89-570-21
Lily Frog Fountain
# 79-608-2
Conch Angel Fountain
# 79-640-2
3 Column Rock Fountain
Fountains are a popular amenity for gardens large and small. The pleasant
flow of water helps block background noise, enhance tranquility, promote
creativity and maintain peacefulness around your home.
"Gotta Lotta Terra Cotta and Concrete too!"

At Little Baja we carry
Timber Pro Masonry
Top Sealer.
This is the best sealer for the
money!  Simply brush on one
coat and let dry, no need to
re-apply for a few years!
By using this water sealer you
have added many years to the
life of your concrete!
Create your own fountain
in a Bonsai Bowl-
Here's one we made!
Click Any Pictures to Enlarge
Create your own from
Here's one we made!
Click Any Picture to Enlarge
Click Any Picture to Enlarge
We Appreciate your Business!
We Appreciate your Business!