Be sure to winterize your fountain. When the freezing weather hits do not allow water to sit in
fountain bowls. As the water freezes it expands and will cause the bowls to crack.

We recommend draining the fountain, keep the plugs out so water is free to drain, clean surface and dry as best
you can, run pump for a minute to get out any water, wrap fountain in a clear heavy duty plastic and secure
around bottom. Make sure water will not accumulate causing plastic to shift, rain should run off all sides.
BE SURE to poke a few small hole with a screwdriver to allow ventilation.

Little Baja does offer a winterization service that includes draining, cleaning
fountain, wrapping and a return visit in the spring to unwrap, clean, refill, re- level
if needed and get it going for the season. Call 503-236-8834 for details.

Little Baja recommends a masonry top sealer that works well to protect surfaces from collecting moss and mildew
and is easily applied. It is a non-toxic penetrating, water based surface sealer that completely seals
and waterproofs most concrete surfaces.
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Concrete Fountain Installation    

All fountains must be installed on a hard flat surface.

Concrete pads are recommended for larger fountains.

Otherwise, install over compacted, level soil and 1" of sand.

Fountains come with a re-circulating pump and are fully self-contained.

Pumps require a 110 V grounded outlet and draw very low amperage. (Average 1-2 amps)

Add water and the pump will recycle the same water.

Fountain components are held together by gravity.

Excessive weight such as by sitting, leaning or climbing on, may cause them to tip or fall.

Pump panels should be kept accessible.

Cementing or gluing components is not recommended.
Concrete Fountain Care and Cleaning

Change the water frequently and keep the water level maintained. In the hot summer months it is best to add
water in the cool of the morning or late evening to avoid concrete shocking the concrete with a sudden
temperature change.

Use a fountain water treatment to avoid algae growth.

Occasional cleaning is recommended. Keep free of debris.

Cleaning is best accomplished with mild soap and water. Natural cleaners such as Orange Cleaner or
Simple Green work extremely well without damage to the surface.
Any treatment should be tested on a small area prior to cleaning the entire unit. Be sure to rinse well.

Do not allow water to freeze in the bowls or pump.
Do not use any form of antifreeze.
Do not use chlorine and/or bleach for water treatment.

Avoid power washing, sandblasting or abrasives as they will damage the finish.
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