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 Thank you for purchasing your new “Baja Chimney” patio fireplace from Little Baja.

Your chimney is made of the finest clay from Baja Mexico and should be treated with care
and respect.
Pottery is fragile. Do not underestimate this fact. Protect your investment by
treating the chimney as you would any fine pottery. The “Baja Chimney” is very durable when
you treat it properly.

* * * * * REMEMBER* * * * * * *
           The “Baja Chimney”
IS an occasional patio accent designed for
                                 your personal comfort and pleasure.
      The “Baja Chimney”
IS NOT a garbage burner or indoor space heater.
The Title of Baja Chimney is a Registered Trademark and may not be used without written permission.

      Please follow these instructions and your chimney will last for many years.

What to burn…Presto Logs are recommended. Make sure they are an all natural log.
Little Baja strongly advises against the use of chemically treated wax logs (ie, Dura- Flame).

You can burn small pieces of hardwood such as Oak, Walnut, Cherry, etc.

We do NOT recommend the burning of Pine, Fir, pallet wood or other fast burning fuels.
These fuels could cause your chimney to crack due to excessive heat. In addition, never
burn cardboard or plywood. Extreme caution will be required if you choose to burn pallet wood.
The pine and fir woods used in pallets also tend to throw sparks and embers that mark your deck
and cause a fire!

Always keep your fire contained on the fire tray and centered in the fire chamber. Wood burning   
against the chimney can cause a hot spot and crack the chimney.
The pieces of wood you burn should never be larger then the tray. Large pieces can be shoved
in too far and accidentally go out the back wall.   
Never put anything down the stack of the chimney or allow fire to shoot out of the stack.  
Never use metal tools with the fire or to clean the chimney. Wood pokers work best.          

The First Fire … is the most important fire, This fire is used to acclimate your chimney to fire and  
provides a final curing of the chimney and fire tray.
For the first 5 – 10 mins burn small pieces of crumbled newspaper to remove the initial chill in the clay.

For the next 10 mins, burn small pieces of dry kindling, gradually and gently adding slightly larger  
pieces until you have a small comfortable fire. Initial fire should be burning at least 4 hours to totally
heat the chimney.     

Use the initial process for the first hour of the next 3 fires, also when your chimney is cold to the touch.
The chimney’s worst enemy is a sudden change of temperature, so always warm it up slowly
each and every time you start a fire, building the fire up over a reasonable time span.

Weather Protection…
Rain will not hurt your chimney. Freezing will not hurt your chimney. BUT the two
TOGETHER could cause water to freeze in the belly of the chimney. When water freezes it expands
and this will crack the chimney. To protect against this we recommend dry storage or placing it
under a covered area, place a saucer on the top to prevent water from entering the smoke stack and
turn the front opening inwards away from the weather.
Be sure your chimney is cleaned out before putting away. Clean out ashes and dispose
of them properly.

If they chimney cracks… We have experimented on freight damaged chimney’s using many different   
products, finding automobile dent filler (bondo), kiln cement, and construction adhesive (Liquid Nails) to
be the successful. Cracks are filled with a trowel, applying in small amounts for faster curing time. Once
the crack is filled and set it can be sanded and formed to the original shape.
Don’t be surprised if your fire tray cracks. If it does crack you should still use it. It keeps the
fire off of the chimney bottom and prevents the chimney from cracking.
 Never burn a fire without the tray!

The 4 most common reasons for breakage:
Moving – Dropping while transporting or banging the chimney while setting it down.
Fire – Too hot of a fire, too fast, too large a fire, or causing a hot spot.
Freezing – Allowing water to sit and freeze in the fire chamber.
Friends – Hide your wood at parties!

Other tips and hints…
Spark screens can be made by pushing a small piece of metal window screen down the chimney stack.
This will suppress sparks from going up the chimney. The screen will eventually burn out so please
check it regularly.

Little Baja does sell chimney tops and screens for our chimney’s, be sure to ask for one!

The “Baja Chimney” will be the life of your backyard party and your friends will want to “tend” the fire for
You. What appears to them as an indestructible oven is actually your breakable chimney, so please go  
over some of these instructions with others who will use the chimney.

Please Note
                                     This item comes with no warranties…
Remember: Build your fire up slowly, keep fires small until chimney warms up

If this chimney is intended as a gift it is the purchasers responsibility to pass these instructions on
to the end user.

Always be careful with fire! Protect your deck or patio from possible embers which may cause a fire.    
Never use under an overhang. This can funnel smoke into your home.

                                                                    Copyright 1996 Mister Pinata, Inc/Little Baja. All rights reserved.
  No part of this document may be copied, reproduced or translated without written consent of Mister Pinata, Inc/Little Baja.
                         The term “Baja Chimney” remains the property of Mister Pinata, Inc /Little Baja